What can you do with a Master’s in addiction policy studies? The Master of Science in Addiction Policy and Practice trains students to work in a variety of fields and graduates are highly competitive for health policy jobs in government, advocacy, or nonprofit sectors. 

A defining feature of the Master’s Program in Addiction Policy and Practice is the small cohort size. This allows for an engaging and interactive academic experience as well as tailored career service advising – we are here to help you find jobs and internships that are right for you.

Some possible post-graduate placements and career paths for graduates of the Addiction Policy & Practice program include a wide range of careers in the non-profit and private sector working in health care, addiction treatment, harm reduction, or recovery programs. Graduates may also pursue careers in the public sector, whether in in local, state, or the federal government. See our Career Paths to Explore page for some examples of federal agencies and job classifications.

Overview of Career Services

Career Advising

Through the Graduate Career Center, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences offers one-on-one career advising to support graduate students seeking to clarify their career goals, discuss job search strategy, practice for an interview or receive guidance on offer negotiation.

Networking Opportunities

Through a combination of online and in-person resources we offer many opportunities to connect with alumni, practice interviews, attend exclusive career panels, and network locally in the D.C. area.

Alumni Connections

Practice Interviews – the Graduate Career Center can help you coordinate practice interviews will local alumni in the D.C. area.

DC Networking Events – In addition to the practicum, the Graduate Career Center will organize additional site visits with alumni and employers, a career fair, several off-campus networking opportunities for students in the Master’s Program in Addiction Policy and Practice.

Job & Internships Database

We work with the Graduate Career Center to maintain a list of available jobs and internships relevant for students in the Master’s Program in Addiction Policy and Practice.

Professional Development

The Graduate Career Center facilitates career series workshops on a variety of topics to aid in your job search. These workshops are currently one-hour virtual lunch sessions on Fridays.

  • Learn more about the career series workshops offered by the Graduate Career Center.

Graduate students in the Master’s Program in Addiction Policy and Practice can also receive tutoring and participate in writing workshops through the Georgetown Writing Center.


The Graduate Career Center has several resources available to graduate students including tools to help research jobs, build a network, and improve application materials.